Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Teapot's Story Begins

A much needed winter vacation took me to the Oregon coast in February. Traveling with my husband, we drove more than a thousand miles, enjoying sights and scenery along the way. Spring arrives earlier on the mild coast than it does where I live, so it was a special treat to be able to see flowers in bloom and to relax in the sunshine. Quiet time always inspires me. I remembered an earlier project that I had participated in where a teapot was shared among tea lovers, crossing back and forth across America. Tea was served from its humble spout in a variety of places. It served in homes, businesses, and tea rooms from the most humble to those of great elegance. Recalling pleasant memories of this traveling teapot kindled thoughts of doing it again, but this time with a group of tea loving ladies from Afternoon Tea Across America.

Thus decided, I started looking for just the right teapot as we drove the length of the Oregon coast, stopping here and there to see sights along the way. Whenever we pass through Florence, Oregon, I always enjoy stopping at a boutique named Kitchen Klutter. Among many other things, the proprietor stocks a good selection of teapots, accoutrement's, and teas. It was there that a plum-colored teapot was selected. The clerk was helpful and interested in learning that this teapot would be traveling to many places far and near.

Anytime I am in Florence, I also like to stop by for a cup of proper tea at Lovejoy's Tearoom. It is quaint, cosy, and charming. The wait staff are gracious and willing to take time to teach the art of a perfect cup of tea. 

Florence is a harbor town that is surrounded by miles of dunes and shore. It's one of those places that sets the scene for stories and adventure. It seemed like the perfect place to choose a teapot that has its own stories to tell.

The little teapot came home with me, but has now been packaged up an sent to the first participant of the Afternoon Tea Across America Traveling Teapot Project. Marilyn, who blogs at Delights of the Heart, is the first host of this little plum teapot. She will be sharing its story here for the month of April. Be sure to stop by again and see what plans she has in store.

by LaTeaDah


Marilyn said...

Oh the stories this plum teapot will tell. I can't wait to carry it with me on a special adventure.

YourTeaLife said...

What A fun project! I look forward to following the journey of the Traveling Teapot!

Linda J. said...

LaDonna, your photos and story are a great beginning to a fun teapot adventure!

Kathy the Teawife said...

Bon voyage, little teapot! May you bring joy wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

LaDonna, this is going to be a grand adventure. Beautiful first entries. Karen ~ who lives where the teapot will find it's way to wine country in Southern California. Cheers!

Gwen said...

YAY!!! I'm able to post comments!! Thanks so much for working so hard to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to sharing in the beautiful little plum teapot's adventures. What a lovely send off it has enjoyed.

samovar said...

so lovely the idea and so lovely the start, what an adventure!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Florance is such a sweet town. I will have to check out Lovejoy tea shop. I am sure the traveling tea pot will have quite an adventure. Clarice