Sunday, September 9, 2012

Travel to the Savvy Saving Conference

I packed up The Traveling Teapot on Thursday morning for a three-night
trip to visit Daughter, Melissa, SIL, and PJ the grandson. 
I drove to N. KY to help with the
2nd Savvy Saving Conference which was held in Cincinnati on Saturday. 
The conference was a great success with 135 attending
from several states,
 including my friend Alice who shared a pot of tea with me.
 One of my jobs was selling books.
 The Traveling Teapot's job was to keep me refreshed
throughout the day with Harney and Sons Queen Catherine Tea.
We made a great team! 

By the way, we added 250 miles to the Teapot's Travels! 


Marilyn said...

Now that was a nice thing for the teapot to do, refresh and travel. I like that. Like your basket too, smiling!

marthae said...

What a nice opportunity for you and the little purple teapot to share the love of tea with conference attendees as well as with your friend.
Looking forward to your next teatime with it.

Karen's Place said...


Sparkly Engineer said...

Doesn't she just shine at her job of keeping you refreshed. It looks like a very interesting conference. I may have to look into this stockpiling moms.