Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Pancake Breakfast

 Oh, how The Traveling Teapot and I enjoyed our visit with grandson PJ!
Especially, our leisurely breakfast with Harney and Sons Queen Catherine Blend
tea on Sunday morning before I had to depart for the 2-hour drive home.
  PJ requested Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast.
  Daughter Melissa taught a Freezer Cooking/ Menu Planning Class
FYI  - She taught Family and Consumer Science (high school Home Economics)
 for 11 years before PJ came and she became a Stay-at-Home Mom.
One of her tips is to make extra quantities of food to freeze for later use.
Here she is making pancakes for our breakfast, and to freeze
for later quick breakfasts. 

 After the pancakes were made,
and the tea was drained from the teapot,
 I packed up for the journey back to Berea. 


La Tea Dah said...

Yay for Consumer and Family Science and for your daughter! I'm glad teapot had fun --- and the Mickey Mouse pancakes are so cute! Thanks for the making ahead and freezing tip. It's helpful for when adult kids come home to visit --- just like with little ones. Thanks for sharing, Linda! You are keeping busy!

Marilyn said...

Mickey Mouse pancakes are the very best with tea from the plum teapot. How special to get this time with your grandson.

Karen's Place said...

Linda, what a fun post. With my house full of boys your stack of pancake looks about right! Maybe a few for the freezer... What a sweetheart of a Grandson you have. So proud to be in the pictures with the Traveling Teapot herself.