Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Special Treat for The Traveling Teapot - Sunday Brunch Continued

Note to our readers:  This post was intended to be a part of the previous post, but due to a problem uploading the photos, I was unable to finish it.
  So here is the rest of the story . . .

 Vanilla Bean Pancakes
       Just add Raspberry Syrup, Fresh Raspberries,
Peach Melba Preserves, and Devon Cream!


 What could be bad about pancakes with Devon Cream?

A Teapot Pancake for The Traveling Teapot

A Toast and a Big Thank You to The Traveling Teapot
 for a Job Well Done.



Rosemary said...

a teapot pancake!!

Marilyn said...

I like the continuation of the special Sunday Brunch. Pretty pictures and a teapot pancake too.

Linda J. said...

Great post and photos. And, we all thought the last post was "brunch enough."