Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Flying First Class

Ah, this is the life.  When I arrived at the gate for me flight, the attendant bumped me to first class.  Now, what do you think of that?  My seat is canny.  The wee screen on the seat in front of me will show any movie one selects.  First, I chose "King's Speech".  
How one wishes one were a teapot as elegant as that!  PG Tips was my tea of choice for sipping with this film.  One knows one's rank!

I decided to do a bit of reading.  The library was smashing.  It is a long flight and one is a sharp reader so one selected three books.  
Robert Fortune is an amazing bloke in "For All the Tea In China".  One sipped a grand cup of Jasmine Pearls during this book and envisioned a trip to inland China.   "Maid to Match" is set on the Biltmore Estate.  One would be chuffed to serve tea in that dining room.  It was a charming light read enhanced with a cup of Bai Mudan.  One dreamed of relaxing in the peony garden as one sipped me floral brew.  And finally, Chamomile Mourning, which is me favorite of the Tea Shop Mysteries.  The milliner adds so much to Charleston's tea ambience.  One sipped a nice cup of chamomile afterward, which paired with "The Lark Ascending" by Ralph Vaughan Williams put one right to sleep.  Zzzzzz

When one awoke, one needed a nice cuppa to get going.  The flight attendant had a bit of Republic of Tea's Anna Karenina, a Russian Rose Caravan blend, in her personal stash.  It was a smokey Russian tea with a rose finish.  One played the 2012 version of the movie.  Keira Knightley is darling.  So much symbolism between the smoke and the rose, both in the movie and tea.  

The Captain has announced one needs to return trays and seats to the upright position for landing.  I can hardly wait to meet my new hostess!

Love from Priscilla


amherstrose said...

Wishing The Little Purple Pot more exciting adventures.

Bon Voyage!

Mary Jane

Marilyn said...

Yes, The Little Plum Teapot has had quite an exciting month. Can't wait to watch for new adventures and stories. Teresa, your stories from beginning to end were thoroughly enjoyed by me. Thanks so much!

RobinCW said...

This was so delightful and imaginative to read! Very nice.

RobinCW said...

This was so delightful and imaginative to read. So enjoyable, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all of Priscilla and your tea journeys this month!
Rochelle in SoCal

Sparkly Engineer said...

Well, it certainly sounds as though Priscilla has finally found her place in life.