Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Stop for the Teapot and Me

The first stop for the Traveling Teapot was
at the home of LaDonna, Gracious Hospitality.
What fun the teapot and I had seeing all the beautiful
teacups there and sharing in a lovely lunch.
Isn't that a beautiful teacup I was allowed to pick
all on my own from LaDonna's collection?
This dessert was amazing too.
I am not showing you much of it or you should certainly
be wanting to have some too.
The travels are continuing.
Not sure where the teapot will serve tea again,
but it is enjoying the travels.
A big THANKS LaDonna for sharing tea with us.


Unknown said...

Oh, how happy that beautiful little plum teapot must be! What fun to share tea with LaDonna.
Enjoy your travels.
martha e

Unknown said...
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Karen's Place said...

What a nice stop for the traveling teapot visiting with two lovely tea friends. Just guessing...Key lime? Pretty teacup.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You make me wish that I was hiding inside our Traveling Teapot so that I could tag along for the ride. How wonderful to have met LaDonna for lunch and tea. xxx

Sparkly Engineer said...

I am so enjoying the travels of the little plum pot. Thank you for sharing them.