Thursday, June 20, 2013

Victorian Garden & the Little Plum Teapot

The little plum teapot has visited many beautiful tea rooms on its travels. There are some parts of America where there are several nice tea rooms within an hours drive. Unfortunately, that is not so in the rural area where the traveling teapot is visiting this month. There is only one tea room within a 50 mile radius, and it is not open on a daily basis. It is nice, though, to have a place to go for afternoon tea with a friend when plans can be made in advance. The ambiance is pleasant. Online reviews mostly mention that the food service could be improved. Servings are always very small.

The Victorian Garden is a pretty little tea room. It has all the perfect necessities for a tranquil experience. Lemon yellow walls, pretty art, tapestries, ribbons and lace, and pretty tables and chair set the scene. A small entry by the front door has shelves that contain some gift items, tea books, and loose tea for sale.

Tea is brought to the table in the teapot and the customer decants their own tea with a teacup tea strainer. The waiter will refill the teapot with hot water for a second decant. The tea is floating loose in the pot. The tables are pretty with small dried flower arrangements, mis-matched vintage silver and china, and pretty pictures that are set on the tablecloth and are protected by a sheet of glass.

Tea is brought first so that it can be enjoyed while visiting with companions and as one waits for their food.

The scones are small (made in a mini-muffin tin) and are served on a three-tiered tray. A luncheon plate is set on the cover of each individual. Each person is given a small dish that contains butter, strawberry jam, and a dab of clotted cream. An orange slice and a bunch of grapes compliment the scones.

The sandwich tier.
The dessert tier. Bread pudding, Red Velvet cake, and a cupcake.

Savory selections can include a sausage roll, mini quiche from a muffin tin, and biscuits. The menu sometimes changes with the season.


The setting is pretty and relaxing.

Hats for dress-up.

A copy of Pearl Dexter's book of tea poetry is on display.

Old Victoria magazines are set in a basket for reading if you choose.

The little plum teapot had a good day!


Marilyn said...

The ambiance of having tea out with the little plum teapot is extra special. I kind of like the little scones for just a taste of several different ones. Glad you had a lovely excursion out to afternoon tea.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Looks like the little plum pot met a friend in the little apple green pot?

Thank you for sharing the pretty tearoom with us.

Susan said...

Looks like a nice tea room, LaDonna. Now where is that located? Oregon? Washington? Just curious. Susan

Storybook Woods said...

Lovely, I wish I had a tearoom to go to like that!! Clarice