Friday, April 5, 2013

Pink Cherry Blossom Depression Glass

I left the pretty purple teapot home this morning. It was overcast and misty. As luck would have it I spotted Estate Sale signs on the drive home.  There are many Antique stores and malls in town. So Estate Sales are often cause for lines around the block with potential buyers. Well today I got lucky. It was early and they were setting up the tables out front on this charming older home. My eyes quickly scanned the tables and boxes as I said, "good morning." There in a box was something pink was peeking out. A pretty pink at that. I calmed myself and reached for what turned out to be not one but three Pink Cherry Blossom Depression Glass dishes. Clutching them I calmly asked how much? Though my heart was all a flutter at my find. You see I have a dear tea friend who collects Cherry Blossom.  The lady said, "for you, $6".  Well I love to bargain I said $5.

Prissy was quite pleased with my finds and we will use them for tea together.

Depression glass is clear or colored translucent glassware that was distributed free, or at low cost, in the United States and Canada around the time of the Great Depression. The Quaker Oats Company, and other food manufacturers and distributors, put a piece of glassware in boxes of food, as an incentive to purchase. Movie theaters and businesses would hand out a piece simply for coming in the door. I can just envision a young housewife opening a box of laundry soap and finding such a pretty treasure like these dishes or a colorful cotton kitchen towel.


Angela said...

Love it. Curious about the movie theater promotion you mentioned. I forwarded it on to Glen who owns theaters to find out if his family ever did anything like that. Granted, they were not running theaters during the Great Depression, but they have been around more than 30 years.

Sparkly Engineer said...

What a lucky find. I too collect pink depression ware. I have a very simple pattern though. I received 3 piece place setting for 10 along with berry bowls as a wedding gift

Marilyn said...

They are gorgeous! What a lucky find! Your friend will love them. The cherry blossom pattern is one of my favorites in depression glass, especially pink depression glass.

La Tea Dah said...

That was a productive morning drive! Isn't it fun to go to yard and estate sales? Miss Prissy looks happy to be sitting on that table with such pretty depression glass finds! Enjoy a happy week-end!

Rosemary said...

So pretty! I love the pretty ruffle edge! Good bargaining!

relevanttealeaf said...

Enjoyed reading about your early morning purchase! The pink Depression Glass plates are lovely!

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I think Prissy needs to go to some estate sales too with you. :D

amherstrose said...

Just in time to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. What a timely and bargain find at the estate sale, Karen. Lucky you!!

I have a few pieces of the pink Cherry Blossom Pattern too and will use them for afternoon tea on Sunday. Peak Bloom is predicted for Tuesday and we plan to be there for some great photos around the Tidal Basin.

Do you remember the 1994 film, "My Summer Story"? Jean Shepherd of "A Christmas Story" fame wrote about a movie Dish Night incident in his book "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" which is the book from which these movies are adapted. Ralphie's Mom is on a quest to collect a set of Hollywood theme dishes from the Orpheum Theater.

I am sure many women saw a few movies they would have not otherwise seen just to snag that last dinner plate! ;-)

Fun post!!!

Mary Jane

marthae said...

So happy that the little plum pot is having such fun and bringing you lots of joy, Karen. Have a wonderful month with it!

I have a few pieces of my mothers pink depression glass which she received as wedding gifts during the depression. I cherish it, but I have to tell you that she did not. It brought memories of such hard times that she never used it except once that I recall.

Kathy Eickholt said...

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