Thursday, March 28, 2013

Priscilla travels to Iowa

The highlight of the trip was meeting Donna and her family!  We were so busy visiting, that I didn't take many pictures and what I did take are not very good.  Please accept my apologies.

When we arrived at Longview Farms, Donna greeted us at our vehicle and escorted us to Miss Spenser's Tea Room.  We were given tours of our rooms and soon after were sipping our welcoming tea.  Donna served us in the tea room, although most guests are served tea in their rooms.  What a treat!
Our Table
But let us show you around a bit!  

If I lived closer, I am sure I would visit often!

And now for the goodies. . . 
Our tiered server was filled with yummy scones.  Grapefruit curd, orange marmalade and mock devonshire cream were on the table.  One of our boys devoured the chicken salad and the other the cucumber sandwiches.
Delicious and Beautiful

Mint brownies and chocolate covered strawberries were the perfect sweets to go with our orange tea.

We relaxed in our rooms for a bit until dinner time.  We felt right at home dining with Donna and her family.  Dinner was delicious and my boys can't wait for me to make her lasagna and salad dressing!  We visited, the guys discussed farming and us girls our children.  Before we knew it, the clock was signaling bedtime.  Donna was kind enough to pack our breakfast since we had a very early departure.  (The pumpkin chocolate chip muffins were delicious!) We headed back to our rooms.

I felt bad because I forgot Priscilla when we went to dinner.  When we returned to the room, we discovered she hadn't minded at all . . . 
She had made herself some tea . . .
Warmed herself by the fire . . .
There were too many movies for her to choose just one . . .
She made herself a snack . . .
Enjoyed a good book . . .
Took a nap . . .
And freshened up a bit before we returned!
I can not thank Donna and her family enough for all the hospitality they shared during our visit!  It was so nice to spend time with another family so similar to our own.  

We just want to thank you
For the time you gave,
The sharing of your talents
In the beautiful gifts you made
For you have blessed so many
And blessed the Lord above
For using your gifts to bless another
Reflects the Father’s love.

© By M.S.Lowndes

Sips and Smiles,


s. franks said...

Teresa what a wonderful trip for Priscilla and your family.

Sandy in Michigan.

La Tea Dah said...

Teresa, I enjoyed your post --- especially the picture of you and Donna at the end. What beautiful smiles! And a special friendship.

It was really fun searching for the teapot in each picture. I'm really glad you were able to make the trip and visit there!

Marilyn said...

I must say this brings back fond memories of my husband and I visiting at this same table for dinner and staying in the Garden Room. I have a photo of the sweet cows on my IPod just to remind me of this special time. I hope everyone could have the opportunity to visit at this special oasis in Iowa. Thanks, Teresa, for the memories.

Rosemary said...

Such fun to see Priscilla and the fabulous time she had at Miss Spenser's. Loved the photos of the tea room and the B & B. Hoping someday to be able to meet Donna and her family, too!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Thank you Teresa for such a lovely have some nice pics that Spens may have to borrow for our B&B site. We really should have taken our picture together earlier on that night! I look frightful! Ha. It was sure a delight to finally meet...I wish you lived closer, I'd hire you to help me out!