Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saddleback Mountain at Sunrise

Saddleback Mountain at Sunrise

What could be more special to start your visit than to share our beautiful Saddleback Mountain at sunrise during my morning walk in my neighborhood! 

The highest point in Orange County is Saddleback Mountain (5,689 ft) or more properly Santiago Peak. Combined with Modjeska Peak (5,496ft) the two comprise Saddleback Mountain.  


I’ve chosen a flowering tea called *Lotus* from the Art of Tea to begin this day and this journey.  They say that the Lotus is the original blooming flower. The petal colors of the lotus flower vary depending on the picking season from purple, yellow, pink, white and red. Besides being a beautiful flower, the taste is incredibly smooth and sweet offering a bright yellow infusion when brewed.

A very special aunt in my life believed that each morning should start with a delicious bite of chocolate before her first cuppa.   When I would visit her, while the water was coming to a boil, she would bring out her beloved box of Russell Stover chocolates and always let me choose first.  This ritual is one I shall always remember with such joy.   So, each day of my time with the little plum teapot will start with a chocolate special to me or a favorite of someone special to me.  Today it is Russell Stover to honor my aunt.

*The lotus flower opens and closes every day in a ritual of renewal.  It’s this continual reinvention that has promised an element of excitement and surprise and hope.*


samovar said...

Martha, your posts are a joy to read and you are a born storyteller! I love the story of your aunt and could you also share the source of your great quotes? thanks! Andrea

Rosemary said...

Beautiful vistas! Love your aunt's wonderful tradition!

Marilyn said...

What a lovely early morning at Saddleback Mountain. Thanks for taking us along. Your aunt was a very special lady to share her tradition of chocolate and special treats just for her in the early morning. How special to have had her in your life. Now lotus tea, I haven't heard of, but does sound just lovely too.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

I love the ritual of chocolate before tea every morning! I Adore chocolate!! What a special post...thanks for sharing! ~Donna

amherstrose said...

Chocolate for breakfast? Why not?
Martha, what a special memory and thank you for sharing your early morning views. I am enjoying your adventure with The Traveling Teapot.

Mary Jane

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Karen's Place said...

Saddleback Mountain at sunrise is beautiful.I think you Aunt had the right idea. Fun story.

The Teaist said...

Congratulations... I enjoyed your blog this past week and I've listed your tea post at my weekly link up. Hope you don't mind! :)
Enjoy the extra traffic and feel free to share.

You can find my post here:

The Teaist

La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful sunrise --- and a lovely tribute to your aunt. Thank you for sharing!