Monday, May 28, 2012

The Traveling Teapot and My Little Garden Fairy

For the past ten years I have had my own little Garden Fairy!

Her name is Giavona and she and her Mom and Dad lived with us
when she was just a little newborn Sprite!
She is my Great-Niece.

I call her my Gia Pet and she is a delightful, inquisitive child with a big imagination. 

She loves Dancing, Dressing Up, Eating New Foods,
 and Tea Parties!

 Always willing to help and learn new things,
she loves to read and often will pick up the children's encyclopedias
I keep here for her to discover new ideas to inspire her.
She visited this weekend and picked up a flower
catalog I had recently received and wrote up
sheets of notes about the flowers she admired that she found in the catalog.

So here is her adventure with
 The Traveling Teapot
in The Amherst Rose Tea Room Garden.


When The Traveling Teapot arrived she met The Teapot Watering Can

I introduced Gia to The Traveling Teapot and she immediately
wanted to use her and The Teapot Watering Can
to water the flowers in the garden
which is her favorite thing to do when she visits.

Gia and The Teapot Watering Can
demonstrate the proper form for watering
the Johnny-Jump-Ups

The Traveling Teapot demonstrates her
newly acquired flower watering skills.

Off to water the Petunias, Sweet William, and Trailing Verbena
as The Teapot Watering Can looks on.

Time out for a little dance by the Rose Arbor.

The Martha Washington Geraniums on the Porch
needed a little TLC as well.

Gia had lots of fun and The Traveling Teapot learned another new skill!

New Friends!


Marilyn said...

How fun for your Garden Fairy to get into the fun of the teapot and watering and dancing in your garden.

Rosemary said...

Such fun photos! Loved walking thru your gardens again through this clever post.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane,
What an adorable little pixie! She is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful great-aunt!
Sips and Smiles,