Monday, May 7, 2012

Sssshhhh . . . . . The Traveling Teapot is Resting

I was so pleased to welcome The Traveling Teapot to
 The Amherst Rose Tea Room
here in Massillon, Ohio. 
 After a week of traveling and delighting friends and family along the way,
 Marilyn presented me with the Purple Pot and now the little purveyor of tea
is ensconsed in the "Princess Suite" recently vacated by
 my traveling friend and blogger Stephanie from Steph's Cup of Tea.
Tired after the long travels and partying all weekend with ATAA Guests
here for our 12th Anniversary Celebration,
 she will be resting for just a bit.

Adventures will be forthcoming!

The Traveling Teapot in her Stylish Tea Cup Print Pajamas


La Tea Dah said...

It's so nice that the little traveling teapot gets to rest under such a beautiful cozy --- and in a special room. I look forward to the adventures it goes on with you! Have fun!

Rosemary said...

Fun, whimsical post Mary Jane. We do all need to rest!

Colleen said...

How appropriate is this rest for the Traveling Teapot and in such lovely pajamas and setting! We all partied with the teapot this weekend and had such a marvelous time. It was such an honor and joy for me to share the weekend with the plum colored teapot and new ATAA friends!

Steph said...

The perfect place for a rest!

Marilyn said...

The little plum teapot definitely needs a rest. How special to be resting there.

Anonymous said...

Love the PJs


E. M. said...

Love the PJs....Eve

Unknown said...

What a lucky little teapot to be learning in your kitchen! Looking forward to what else it will get to learn to do...
martha e