Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Afternoon Tea at Last!


So tomorrow I turn over the lovely Traveling Teapot to Babette Donaldson.  I decided to celebrate the last day with the big-little plum pot going to Afternoon Tea with a dear friend at one of my favorite tearooms, The Camellia Tea Room, in Benecia, CA, a small Main Street of America town nearby.  I know- I chose a quiet Afternoon Tea rather than watching our local team (Yah Niners! even if you didn’t win) in the Super Bowl, but what can I say?

 Jayne and I shared a pot of Ceylon tea with our tiered tray of goodies, which included a slice of red velvet cake named Forty Niners cake.  Afterwards we visited a couple of antique shops before Main Street closed down early to watch the game!

I found I had a purse that was the perfect fit for carrying the Teapot around!  If it wasn't one of my favorites I may think about passing it along with the Teapot.

Babette is driving to the SF Bay Area on business tomorrow, so we will meet up and I will transfer the Teapot with all its toys and documents, as well as a few goodies for Babette, into her hands.  I know she has many adventures planned for the Traveling Teapot, which is great since it had a fairly quiet month sharing my everyday life.  I had had lots of grand adventures planned, but it just turned into a month of taking care of business at home and work, and lots of visiting with friends.  I really enjoyed sharing time with the big-little plum pot and I will be forever grateful to it for helping me learn to blog!


La Tea Dah said...

Sharing tea with a good friend is always a special treat. Tea, conversation, and good food --- makes for a very special time. I love how perfectly the teapot fits into your purse!

Marilyn said...

The purse is perfect for carrying the teapot. How lovely to share tea with a friend in Benecia. I haven't been there for many years, but remember how sweet that town is.

Karen's Place said...

Cleaver idea finding a purse for the Traveling Teapot. Sharing with a friend is the best part of teatime.

relevanttealeaf said...

Your tea outing to the Camellia Tea Room with the Traveling Tea Pot and your friend looked like an enjoyable afternoon.