Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Crafty Little Pot

          I have another quick post about her today.  This time showing her crafty side.

       I am celebrating my 50th birthday this year and, so as I become vintage, I plan to celebrate like at 20 year old.  I am having a 50-tea-ith Birthday Par-tea. We are renting a church hall and serving tea nummies.
Prissy was kind enough to help me create invitations and work on table favors.

      If you notice, Prissy  modeled for the silhouette of the teapot on my invitation.  We are planning on using vintage fabrics for table cloths so the invite was made to match.  In this photo Prissy  is helping to paint little wooden birds for table decorations.

      I certainly miss Prissy at the crafting table in the evening and the entire is missing her terribly.  She was certainly an important visitor and made herself part of the family while she was here.


La Tea Dah said...

How fun! And happy birthday, Mary Anne!

Karen's Place said...

Cute post and I like to do paper crafts when I find time. This is a fun invitation with Prissy modeling for it. Happy Birthday, Mary Anne!

Linda at Friendship Tea said...

Happy 50th! Celebrate all year! Love your teapot paper crafts.

Rosemary said...

A 50-tea-ith! How clever! And love the modeling gig for Miss Prissy. Perfect!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for your fun posts. I enjoyed everyone of them, including her roaming with the gnomes and helping you with crafts. Yes, I missed her when she left too.