Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking Tea and Learning History at McFarland House OR . . . .

I Brake for Tea

Does your car veer off the road when you see a sign like this?

As we were driving from Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake,
I saw this sign as we rounded a corner.


Welcome to the garden at McFarland House.
Here you will find herbs and flowers
commonly grown in kitchen gardens of this era.

As you approach the door, you just know there will be good things inside!

We were warmly greeted by the staff of McFarland House
and started our tour just a few minutes after we arrived.

As we toured the house with our guide, we saw many lovely treasures.

We saw the dining room table which displayed the family china service.

There was a stately grandfather clock standing
tall in the dining room.

But my favorite treasures were the
tea set and tea caddy in the parlour.

Linsey, our knowledgeable house history guide,
told us that this was a Rochford Tea Set
and that Scottish-born John McFarland
was among other things a tea trader.

The Traveling Teapot and The Rochford Tea Set

Of course there had to be other tea accouterments
and in the same room was another
beautiful tea set.

Although this looks like a tea caddy,  it is actually a beautiful jewelry box.
It was displayed on the mantle of the master bedroom
at McFarland House. 
We were told that the lady of the house often had
a jewelry box made of the same
style as the tea caddy used in the home.

After our History Lesson we went to the Tea Room and
enjoyed our delicious Afternoon Tea with
The Traveling Teapot.

McFarland's Famous Afternoon Tea

Cream, Raspberry and Bumbleberry Scones
Black Current Jam and Cream

Egg Salad on Good Hearth Bread
Tomato on Marbled Rye
House Blend Tuna on Marbled Rye
Cucumber on Marbled Rye

Lemon Square
Short Bread

Creme Au Caramel Tea
Made in a French Press

Everything was so delicious and fresh and the sun
was shining in the windows making it a
wonderfully enjoyable tea time.

Our Afternoon Tea was served with a smile by Louise,
who really got into the spirit of 
The Traveling Teapot
and posed for a photo with her.

Our sincere appreciation to the staff of McFarland House
for the lovely afternoon we spent touring the house
and having Afternoon Tea.

Learn more about this beautifully restored
 historic home here and here.

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