Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kentucky Blend Tea

 It seemed appropriate on The Traveling Teapot's
first full day in Kentucky, to brew in and serve
from its spout
Bruce Richardson's Elmwood Inn Fine Teas
The Kentucky Blend of tea is a blend of black Chinese teas from the Yunnan
and Anhai Provinces.
The back of the package reads,
 "Kentucky Blend is our favorite combination of full-bodied black teas
with a satisfying aroma, reminiscent of a morning stroll
 across our pastoral Kentucky countryside."
Ahhh, a nice cup of Kentucky Blend Tea to welcome the Traveling Teapot...


martha e said...

Appropriate and the perfect choice to welcome the purple teapot, Linda.
Looking forward to its Kentucky adventures with you and your family.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Sounds like the perfect welcome to Kentucky.

Rosemary said...

Raising my mug of Kentucky Blend Tea in honor of the purple teapot and its current hostess!